Our Names, Why we name our jewelry.

Sundae Faire is a female-founded and run company that features and supports female jewelry designers, jewelry makers, and female owned businesses, so naming our products specific and purposely selecting female names was a no-brainer.

Layered Necklace Blue topaz ring  There is symbolism in all the names we've selected to use. And all product names here at Sundae Faire have a specific meaning. Some evoke particular emotions or timelessness, and others inspire women to be brave, passionate, playful, glamorous, intense, and comfortable in their own skin. We aim to anchor each piece in the minds of the women who wear them. Our naming strategy was quite simple: select meaningful, strong, and beautiful names that will remain to build distinction.

Here are some of our product names and their meaning:

Ophelia - Greek, from Ancient Greece meaning "aid" or "benefit."

Freya - A Norse goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. Translate to " a noblewoman."

Calliope - Greek, meaning beautiful voice. Most prominent of the Muses- the nine sister goddesses who presided over song, poetry, and the arts in Greek mythology.

Maia - Greek, reference to the mythic mother of the Greek god Hermes.

Desak - Balinese, from a title used by female members of the aristocracy

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