Jewelry Care

We are proud supporters of women owned jewelry business. Every piece of Sundae Faire jewelry is thoughtfully selected from artists and designers who are based in the USA.  

Silver:  Storing silver jewelry in a sealed plastic bag limits the tarnishing process. Be sure to wipe your jewelry gently with a soft cloth after you have worn it. If you would like to restore your jewelry’s lustrous finish, a soft brush (such as a toothbrush) and a mild detergent will easily and safely remove any signs of tarnish. Rinse the piece and set it on a paper towel to dry.

You may also use a silver polishing cloth, which is available from most jewelers even available from Amazon. Silver dipping solutions are also helpful for detailed pieces.  Please avoid wearing your jewelry in natural hot springs, as silver tarnishes a great deal when exposed to salty air and products containing sulfur.  Also, avoid ultrasonic cleaning or any form of liquid cleaning.

Gold plated and vermeil jewelry: Over time, the gold plating will wear down, but with proper care, your piece should last a very long time.

  • Avoid contact with water, sunscreen, lotions, oils, and other liquid-based substances.
  • Remove when washing hands, showering, exercising, sleeping, swimming, or cleaning.
  • Gently buff your jewelry with a clean dry cotton cloth. Do not use jewelry cleaner or solutions on plated jewelry!
  • Wipe your jewelry gently with a soft cloth after you have worn it before storing your plated and vermeil jewelry in an airtight plastic baggie to keep the moisture out.