Size Guide

We use the most common standard United States rings sizes. Please refer to our measurement charts below.
ring size                   circumference (mm)
5                              49.3
6                              51.9
7                              54.4
8                              57.0
9                              59.5
Measure your finger

1. wrap a strip of paper or ribbon around the finger where you'd like wear the ring

2. make sure that the paper or ribbon is pulled snug to your finger to find your best fit

3. mark the spot where the paper or ribbon meet and measure the distance with a ruler in mm

4. use the chart above to determine your ring size

Measure an existing ring

1. select an existing ring that fits the desired finger

2. measure the internal diameter of the ring in mm as indicated

3. Use the chart below to select your ring size


ring size                   internal diameter (mm) 

5                              15.7                            
6                              16.5
7                              17.3
8                              18.1
9                              19.0